Meeting Time and Place
2nd and 4th Thursdays
of each month at 7:30 pm
at Kingsbury Firehouse #2
located on Kingsbury Road
just off NYS Route 4

Contact Info.
Kingsbury Barnstormers
PO Box 121
Hudson Falls, NY 12839

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1. Any club member may become a groomer operator.

2. A groomer operator has to make a commitment to be available as part of a regular grooming schedule and to assist in repairs when that becomes necessary.

3. Each groomer operator must follow the guidelines in these Guidelines.

New Operators: Become a grooming partner to work with an experienced groomer operator to learn how to groom snowmobile trails and take care of the equipment.

Accompany an experienced groomer operator in the machine while it is grooming club trails until being deemed able to operate the machine alone as judged by the experienced groomer operator.

Attend preseason equipment maintenance work details.

Attend the club sponsored annual groomer operator training held before the season begins.

Attend a groomer operator safety course before the second year as a groomer operator.

4. A groomer operator must be authorized by the Club to operate club grooming equipment.







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